Metro Rewards

Metro Rewards


1. What is Metro Rewards?

“Metro Rewards” a unique loyalty program by Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd that offers benefits to its travelers. The more you travel, the more points you earn, which you can later redeem for various promotional offers.

2. What are the Benefits of Metro Rewards?

  • Enjoy exclusive offers listed on the offer zone board at all stations by sending offer code via your registered mobile number.
  • Get insurance cover worth 4.5 Lacs for a year.

3. What is registration fee?

There is no registration fee. All metro commuters can register in the loyalty Program using his/her smart card and mobile number.

4. How to enroll in the loyalty program?

Create your Metro Rewards account by registering with your metro smart card number and start earning points right away.

5. What is the Launch scheme?

After registering a commuter start earning points. Commuter earns 1 points for 10 km travel. After accumulation of 10 points, commuter can avail insurance worth Rs 4.5 lacs and can redeem 10 points.

6. What is the cost of insurance?

Commuter can redeem 10 points and can avail insurance worth 4.5 lacs for a year. Insurance cost is being borne by Mumbai Metro and commuter is not required to pay anything for the insurance.

7. What are tier systems for metro rewards?

MMOPL intend to classify them these commuters in three tiers.

  • Silver Member: All members initially will enroll as silver member and once they cross the threshold of 500 km travel, gets upgraded to next level.
  • Gold Member: All commuters after completing 500 km get into this level of tier. Gold member gets upgraded into next level after reaching threshold of 2000 km. To retain Gold membership customer has to travel 1500 km in the presiding 1 year.
  • Platinum Member: A platinum member will enjoy the maximum benefits of this loyalty program. Commuters crossing 2000 km of travel will become a platinum member. To retain Platinum membership customer has to travel 2000 km in the presiding 1 year.

8. How do I earn points?

Earn one point for every 10 Km of travel.

9. How do I redeem points?

Currently, you can redeem points by availing insurance benefits. Other option for redeeming points will be made available soon.

10. What is insurance policy?

Insurance policy is for accidental death coverage of Rs.4.5 Lacs to each subscriber. The insurance coverage shall be valid for a period of 1 calendar year from the date of activation of the policy

11.What are the criteria for availing insurance policy?

Earn 10 points and become eligible for Insurance.

12. Is smart card mandatory for enrolling into loyalty program?


13. Once availed how long I can retain my personal accident policy?

You need to redeem your 10 points for accident insurance, to keep yourself into the policy you need to earn minimum 10 points every year and redeem them on our site.